9:00 Breakfast

9:20 Opening remarks

9:30 Keynote: Representation,Reality,and a MedievalTradition of Mind-World Identity, Therese Scarpelli Cory (Notre Dame)

11:15 I Can’t Be Without You: The Role of Essential Causal Series in Avicenna’s Proof for the Necessary Existent, Celia Byrne (Toronto)
Comments: Kate Bresee (Fordham)

12:00 Lunch

2:00 Aquinas on the Subsistence of the Rational Soul, Kendall Fisher (Syracuse)
Comments: Natalie Hejduk (Columbia)

3:00 Aquinas on Singular Cognition, Machessa Samz (Fordham)
Comments: Francesca Bruno (Cornell)

4:00 On Sine Qua Non Causes, Simona Vucu (Toronto)
Comments: Zita Toth (Fordham)

5:00 Keynote: Causation and Mental Content: Against the Externalist Interpretation of Ockham, Susan Brower-Toland (SLU)

7:00 Conference Banquet

All talks will take place on April 22 (Saturday), in room 2-01A of Fordham University’s Law School building (150 W 62nd St, New York, NY 10023).

The workshop is pre-read. To receive the papers, please register. Registration is free.

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